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The University offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in several fields of study. The language of instruction in all undergraduate programs is Spanish and English.
UNEM offers the Bachelor degree programs by distance learning. These programs are for mature students who were unable, for whatever reason, to finish their university studies. The students may transfer all previously earned credits toward their Bachelor degree, provided they were earned at an accredited institution. If you are interested, contact us for more information.

The Bachelor Degree Program

This program is curriculum based. The student must earn a minimum of 120 semester credits, including a thesis/project worth 6 semester credits.

This is a serious program for independent minded students who possess the determination and self discipline to work at their own pace. Our students are goal oriented and have the theoretical knowledge and work experience in their fields, but lack the credentials necessary for promotional opportunities, academic advancement, self satisfaction, etc.

All learning takes place online through state of the art course management protocols unique to Empresarial Universidad. Classes are conducted continuously in six to eight week Bi-Mesters throughout the year permitting accelerated learning opportunities for the dedicated learner. All classes are controlled and originate from the virtual campus of Universidad Empresarial in San Jose, Costa Rica.

UNEM offers the undergraduate degrees listed below.