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post1The International Program of UNEM offers the following graduate degree programs to the international community by Part time learning and distance learning. The programs may be conducted in English or Spanish. Master’s and Doctorate degree programs are offered in the fields listed below.
Article 46 of the UNEM’s constitutional Charter stipulates that the total number of credits required for a Bachelor Degree are 120 or more Credit Hours.
A Master degree shall be a minimum of 60 credits beyond the Bachelor degree, or a total of 180 credits hours including those earned for the previous Bachelor degree.
A doctoral degree may be obtained with an additional number of 60 credit hours beyond the minimum requirement of credit hours for the master degree.
All learning takes place online through state of the art course management protocols unique to Universidad Empresarial. Classes are conducted continuously in six to eight week Bi-Mesters throughout the year permitting accelerated learning opportunities for the dedicated learner. All classes of the International Program are controlled and originate from the virtual campus of Universidad Empresarial in Costa Rica.

Masters, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Education in a number of fields:

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